This article covers how to register to CDP’s questionnaire(s) for self-selected responders. All companies, cities, and states and regions are welcome and encouraged to provide information via CDP’s questionnaires.

Register as a self-selected:


Self-selected company (SSC) registration

All companies are welcome to provide information via CDP’s climate change, forests and water security questionnaires. If you do not receive a request from investors or customers and would like to disclose, you can complete this self-selected company (SSC) registration form

If you wish to disclose as a self-selected company (SSC) you will be subject to the administrative fee for responding (for more information read this article on fees for responding as a company).

Self-selected company responses are not automatically made available by CDP to CDP’s supply chain members, banks and other stakeholders (such as RE100 and NZAM). However, if you choose to submit a public response, your response will be accessible via the CDP website, including to interested supply chain members.

Your response(s) will be made available to all of CDP’s investor signatories. Self-selected companies will also receive a score, providing they respond to the full version of the questionnaire ahead of the scoring deadline, which is usually in mid-July. All rules applying to companies requested by investors apply to self-selected companies.

Please note, our Online Response System (ORS) for the 2022 disclosure cycle for companies has now closed. Therefore, if you wish to disclose to CDP next year, please contact us early in 2023 to be set up. The ORS will re-open for next year in April 2023.

Self-selected city or state or region registration

All cities, states and regions are welcome to provide information via CDP’s Cities and States and Regions questionnaires.

If you have not yet received a request to respond but you would like to, please register your interest:

  • Complete the cities registration form
  • After you submit the cities registration form, we will check the data you have supplied and send you an email with information on next steps. During busy periods this process may take a few weeks
  • For states and regions you can register here


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