CDP-ICLEI Track is a recognized reporting platform to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM). GCoM is the largest alliance for city climate leadership, uniting a global coalition of more than 10,000 cities and local governments who share a long-term vision of supporting voluntary action to combat climate change and moving towards a resilient and low-emission society. You should select this option if your city: has committed to GCoM through a Regional Covenant or would like to do so.
If your city is not yet committed to GCoM you can click here to indicate your interest and then visit Journey - Global Covenant of Mayors to review the steps on formalizing your commitment by sending a commitment letter to GCoM. If you are unsure if your city has already joined GCoM, contact Selecting this option and completing the Cities questionnaire allows cities to show their compliance with the requirements of the Common Reporting Framework. The data you submit through the Cities questionnaire is fully public and will be shared with your Regional Covenant.

How can my city report to GCoM through CDP-ICLEI Track?

Cities committed to the Global covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) agree to make key data publicly available via regular reporting in order to track progress in achieving the aims of the alliance. CDP-ICLEI Track is one of the GCoM recognized reporting platforms. It is fully aligned with the GCoM Common Reporting Framework (CRF) which means that any data point required by the CRF can be reported through the system.

What is the validation process and how can my city obtain GCoM badges by reporting to CDP-ICLEI Track?

Once a city has submitted their data through CDP-ICLEI Track, their questionnaire response will be validated against the requirements of the CRF. Cities will receive an email with their provisional compliance results from CDP or ICLEI including comprehensive feedback and recommendations for improving the data. Compliance is achieved once all the associated requirements of the CRF have been met.

Cities that submit earlier in the reporting cycle can participate in several rounds of validation, allowing them to submit amendments to correct common mistakes. In a rolling bases, amendments are reviewed and an email with the non-official results is sent within a month of amendments submission.

After the platform closure, the city's data will be shared with their respective Regional/National Covenant, who will send an official communication on behalf of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy to award the badges earned. These badges will also be displayed on the city’s profile on the Global Covenant of Mayors website.

How can my city identify GCoM aligned questions and columns in the 2022 questionnaire?

Cities participating in the Global Covenant of Mayors will be presented with all CRF aligned questions and columns independent on the questionnaire pathway selected. Please refer to the Questionnaire Pathway Map for further information.

CRF mandatory data points are indicated with the “^” symbol. This improvement allows cities to easily identify mandatory indicators and avoid common mistakes. To achieve full compliance, cities must answer all mandatory data points (“^”) appropriately.

What if my city is committed to the EU Covenant of Mayor for Climate & Energy?

If you are committed to the EU covenant of Mayor for Climate &Energy, you can either report through CDP-ICLEI Track or the My Covenant Platform.

If you report through CDP-ICLEI Track, your data will be shared with the EU Covenant of Mayors. You will continue to be able to access your online profile and receive benefits.
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