States and regions need to activate their questionnaire(s) each year before they can start responding. Activating your questionnaire includes confirming your participation, confirming the Main User where applicable. Follow the steps below to activate your questionnaire(s) and start responding.  
Step 1: Sign in to your account 
States and regions need to confirm their participation, which provides an indication to CDP and partners that the you are going to be participating for this year.   

Sign in to your account to access your state and region’s dashboard. Once signed in, you should see your organization’s dashboard including the relevant questionnaire theme blocks.  

Step 2: Get started  
Navigate to the States and Regions questionnaire block. Click ‘Get Started’ in the States and Regions program block.

Any contributor can confirm participation.

Step 3: Confirm Main User & Start questionnaire
Confirm you are the Main User for your state or region. Read the provided information on the responsibilities of the Main User. Tick you are authorized to be the Main User and click ‘Start Questionnaire’.

If you decline to be Main User you will have to wait for the authorized Main User to start the questionnaire before you can access the ORS.

Step 4: Start questionnaire
Clicking ‘Start Questionnaire’ will open a new window, which leads you to the ORS where you can start responding to the questionnaire. Your response is now activated.



Your dashboard after activating your questionnaire

Back on your dashboard your program block will now look like a version of this. You can re-enter the questionnaire any time by clicking on the blue Enter Questionnaire button.

For more detailed guidance on how to use the disclosure platform, please see our guide on using CDP’s disclosure platform for states and regions.

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