Who is requesting my environmental data via CDP?

Stakeholders are increasingly requesting environmental information through CDP, including Investors, large purchasing organizations (“customers”), banks (“lenders”), and membership initiatives. This data is used by these stakeholders to inform decisions and drive environmental action. 


In 2022, CDP has launched a new program for public authorities with a pilot in North America, and extended to include Europe in 2023.

Public authorities are receiving a request from CDP'S investor signatories.


In 2023, 746 financial institutions worth over US$136 trillion in assets are requestins information from over 15,000 companies. A group of these signatories have signed on to encourage participarion specifically from public authorities and local governments in North America as part of CDP's Municipal Disclosure Campaign.


CDP also partners with states and regions to support disclosure from public authorities in their jurisdictions.


During the 2023 cycle, you can view wich stakeholders are requesting your organization's disclosure via your dashboard.


To read more about the stakeholders who request disclosure, how they use data, or for more information on how to become a requesting stakeholder, please view our CDP investor signatories and CDP supply chain member pages.

What information am I being asked to disclose?

The public authorities questionnaire offers a framework for public authorities to provide environmental information to their stakeholders and investors covering governance and policy, risks and opportunity management, environmental targets and strategy, and scenario analysis. The full questionnaire can be viewed here.

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