Public authorities requested to submit by investors

  • Public Authorities will be given a choice as to whether or not their response can be made public. CDP strongly encourages you to make your response public. Public responses will be made available on CDP’s website.
  • CDP’s investor signatories will not have access to non-public responses to the Public Authorities Questionnaire. Data from non-public responses will only be shared within CDP and with our country partners, research partners and report writers, but will not be published unless it has been anonymized. Refer to the Terms for responding for more information.
  • Public authorities who are requested to submit a response to investors will be listed on the CDP website. The full list of organizations being requested to respond to investors is available here.  Please note that if you have been requested to participate and do not submit a response, your organization’s status will be listed as “No Response”.
  • Responses to the Public Authorities pilot program will not be scored in 2022.

Public Authorities requested to submit to their customers
  • In 2022, the Public Authorities Questionnaire will not be shared directly with CDP’s Supply Chain Members.  Public authorities with a supply chain request should complete the Corporate Climate Change Questionnaire and the included Supply Chain Module (SC1.1) in order to make their data available to their requesting customer(s).
  • Unless the public authority responds publicly, CDP will not disclose the supply chain request/relationship on our website.

How do I view public responses?

You will need to create a user account and be signed in to the CDP website in order to view public responses via the search and view responses function on our website. If a response has been submitted publicly, the response will be clickable e.g. “Climate Change 2022”.
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