Organizations are asked to respond to information requests from their private markets investors using CDP’s disclosure platform. This is the only way to provide the requested data to CDP and the requesting stakeholders.

If you are a new user and wish to access your Private Markets Questionnaire, you will need to register and confirm your account first and then complete this Join an Organization form.

CDP’s disclosure platform consists of the dashboard and the Online Response System (ORS):

1) The dashboard is the online portal with details on requested questionnaire(s), activation links and user details.
2) The Online Response System (ORS) is the response platform where companies input information against the questionnaire(s) and submit your response. 

Using CDP systems

We recommend you use any of the following internet browsers when accessing the Online Response System (ORS) - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
It is no longer possible to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the ORS.  

For guidance on access to the dashboard and using the ORS, please view our article on activating your questionnaire as a private market.


If you are experiencing difficulties using the platform (i.e. error messages on the website), we advise you to follow these steps before contacting CDP:

  1. Sign out of the ORS and the dashboard
  2. Refresh your browser and try signing in again
  3. Whitelist/allow the following email domains to be accessed by your browser or organization: and
  4. Sign in again using one of the recommended browsers above
We also recommend your clear your cache and cookies and use one of the recommended internet browsers above.

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