Public Response
  • If you choose to respond publicly, your response data is made available publicly by CDP, including making your response available on our website, to your private markets investor(s) or other third parties. 
Non-public Response
  • If you choose to respond privately, your response data is made available to your requesting private market investor(s) by CDP, for any use within their organization, but not for publication unless your response has been anonymized or aggregated.

For more information, please review the Terms of Responding to private markets.

What happens if I do not respond?

You won’t be penalized for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire. However, please note that if you have been requested to participate and do not submit a response, you will be noted as “Declined to participate” or “No response” to the requesting private markets investor(s). (Note: this status will not be displayed on CDP’s website.)

How do I view public responses?

You will need to create a user account  and be signed in to the CDP website in order to view public responses via the search and view responses function on our website. If a response has been submitted publicly, the response will be clickable e.g. “Climate Change 2022”.

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