Once you have activated and entered your questionnaire, you can begin to complete your response in the Online Response System (ORS). This article provides guidance on some of the features of the ORS and how to navigate it. 


Welcome to your CDP questionnaire page

When you first enter the questionnaire on the ORS, you will land on the welcome page. Here, you will be informed which version of the questionnaire you are completing and will have some useful links to relevant reporting guidance and the complete platform guide to support your disclosure.

You can begin the questionnaire by clicking Next on the right-hand side under the questionnaire progress bar to starting with the first question.

The navigation menu

You can move through the questions by clicking the Next and Previous buttons on the right-hand side just below the questionnaire progress bar.

Or, you can navigate to a particular question through the Navigation menu. Click on the question to be taken directly to the page. Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to each question will show you the subsections of that question, which you can also navigate to directly. Clicking on All Unanswered will highlight the questions that have not been completed yet by a number of questions in a red circle.


Saving your response

The save button is located on the top left corner of each page. Please save your response regularly by clicking Save as unsaved data cannot be recovered. Make sure to save your response before moving page and before logging out, and after entering significant data or attaching/removing documents.

If you are planning to leave the response inactive, please use the Save button before moving away, as the system may time-out after a long period of inactivity and data would subsequently be lost.


There is also an autosave function in the ORS in addition to the manual Save button. The Saved icon will appear next to questions where you entered data as you move through a page.

Please do continue to use the Save button when entering large amounts of data, adding or removing attachments, navigating through pages, and before exiting the ORS.

In addition to the green Save icon, you may see a blue Save in Progress icon. Please wait for that icon to change to the saved icon before continuing. If it does not change, there may be an issue with your internet connection or your log in session may have timed out, and the data you have recently entered will not be saved. Please sign out of the ORS and sign back in to continue with your response.

Sharing your response

Main Users and Contributors can generate a read-only link that can be shared with colleagues who are not users by clicking the Share button at the top of the page in the ORS. This will generate a URL that will allow other users to see a view-only version of your response. 

Please note that these links have expiry dates. If your colleague needs to be able to view the response at any time before submission, they should be added as a user.

You can also share your response with other colleagues by exporting your response as a Word or Excel export.  

Export/import your response

Users can export and import their response into the ORS to read, share or work on the response offline. Click on Export Response in the top ribbon and select the format you would like to export in.

Important: your questionnaire response can be exported into both Word and Excel files, however, you can only import your response via an Excel file.

For more guidance on how to export and import your response, please see our article here.  

The audit logs

There are two types of audit logs in the ORS, the audit log and the workflow audit log. You can access both of these by clicking on the Audit log button on the menu ribbon.

The answer audit log

The Answer Audit log displays all changes made to the answers in a response. In the Answer Audit Log you will see the date and time of any changes made, the user who made the change, where the change was made and which question was changed. You will also see the previous and the new answer to the question. 

You can view the Audit Log for a specific question. This allows you to see all the changes made to one question. Select the Audit log icon next to a question to view this.

Workflow Audit Log

The workflow audit log shows changes to the overall status of your response. Once you have made a change to the whole of your response e.g. you have submitted then workflow audit log will be updated, and the summary column will show this transition from Draft to Submitted.  The User column shows who has made the change. Note that ‘API_User’ is when CDP has made a change to the overall status of your response due to a request from a user, e.g. the response was re-opened or amended.

In this page you can view your response for each time the whole response was submitted by selecting ‘‘View’’ in the row of the submission you are interested in. Please note that this will be a static, view only response. Any changes made to tags won’t be reflected in this view.

Exiting the ORS

To sign out of the ORS, save your current page and click ‘EXIT ORS’ in the top right corner.

You will receive the following message and you can now close the tab/window in which it appears.

However, you may still be signed into the dashboard. You can sign out of your dashboard by returning to the tab/window you may still have open, or by going to, and selecting ‘Sign out in the top right drop-down menu.

To return to the ORS

To return to and to continue working on your questionnaire(s), please sign in to your dashboard and click Enter questionnaire in the relevant questionnaire block to re-enter the ORS. For guidance on how to submit your response as an organization, please see our article here.

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If you have not found an answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to besigned into access this. 

If you are a new user, you can registerhere. Once you are signed in, please return to the Help Center via the link at the top of the page. 

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