This article is for Disclosers and provides guidance on how to access the CDP Portal by completing the Register to Disclose form. This form is for new users of companies that have been requested to disclose by their customers. It is also for users of city, state and regions. Once a user is added to the disclosing organization, they will be able to disclose to CDP


Please note, the form can also be used to register yourself as a self-selected company and as a city, state and region. The Register to disclose form has replaced the previous Join an organization form and is available in English, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.  





How to complete the form 

For your form to be processed efficiently and to be added to your organization’s account as quickly as possible, please ensure you provide us with all the requested information including: 

  • Your first and last name 
  • Your email address (with your organization’s email domain)  
  • Your organization’s type (Company, City, State or Region)
  • Your organization’s country of registered or official address
  • Your organization's name in English  
  • Your organization name in a preferred language
  • Your organization’s main website URL 
  • Your reason for registering – Please select My organization has been requested to disclose (refer to the notes below for further guidance) 
  • Your organization’s address, City and ZIP/Postal Code  

The Organization search field included in the form is linked to the Dun & Bradstreet database to help verify your company.  


If your organization type is a company, please use the Organization search field to search and find your organization. Ensure to complete information is provided, by typing your organization name and selecting your organization detail accordingly. Once you make a selection from the search results, your organization name and address will be automatically populated.  
Note: The organization search field will be mandatory from June 2024. If you are unable to find your organization using the organization search field, we recommend you raise a case via My Support in the Help Center.  


Please see our webpage here for the 2024 on how CDP is using DUNS numbers as a unique identifier for companies. 



The Reason for registering field is a mandatory field, providing 2 options:  

1. My organization has been requested to discloser 

2. I want to register my organization to self-disclose 


The first option, "My organization has been requested to disclose" is for companies that have disclosed through CDP previously and are expecting to receive one or more requests to disclose. 

Once selected, this will prompt you to provide the name of the requesting company. This is a free text field, and users are encouraged to provide the full company name they are expecting to receive a request from, which will be used to help verify their organization. 


*If you are expecting a Capital Markets request, you may simply enter Capital Markets.  

Once the form is submitted, you will receive a notification to confirm your submission. 


Once we receive the form, we aim to respond to you within 5 working days. 


We encourage you to complete and submit this form as early as you can, to give you sufficient time to complete your disclosure within our 2024 timeline and reporting window.  



If the information provided matches our records, and there are existing contacts from your organization with access the CDP Portal, your request will be sent to them for approval. 


If there are no existing contacts, we will create an account for you and/or grant you access to your organization’s account on the CDP Portal after manually verifying the information provided. 


Once access has been granted, you will receive an automatic email with a link enabling you to create your account on the Portal. You will be able to sign into the CDP Portal after you have followed the link to create your account. If you are the first user from your organization to sign in, you will need to set up the questionnaire before you can access it. For more guidance on accessing and navigating the CDP Portal, please see our articles here and here. For onboarding steps, please see our article here.


We advise you to check your Junk or Spam folders if you do not receive the invitation email in your inbox and ensure the email address has been whitelisted by your IT department. Further guidance on access troubleshooting can be found here.


If the information provided does not match our records, we may ask you to provide further information, which may mean it takes longer for you to get access to the Portal.  


If you have not been requested to respond through CDP by a Requester, you can still respond as a self-selected company (SSC). Read our article on this here.


If you have not found the answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to be signed in to access this. 


If you are a new user, you can register here. Once you are signed in, please return to the Help Center via the link at the top of the page. 

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