Amend your corporate response  

This article outlines how to re-open and amend a response for a submitted questionnaire. This will only be available for the Main User of each organization and available for the current year's response. 

There are two main ways to amend your response – via self-service amendments that allow you to re-open and amend your response available before the scoring deadline for companies and via an amendment form submitted to CDP after the scoring deadline. Please see below for further guidance.  


Amend your response before the scoring deadline

After submission, your response will be in "view only" format. You may re-open and amend a submitted response up to July 24 23:59 International Date Line West, 48 hours before the scoring deadline. This is a new feature in 2023 and will be available to the Main User only.
Important: Please note, your questionnaire response must be re-submitted by the scoring deadline on July 26 23:59 International Dateline West, to be scored. You must re-submit your response by the deadline for your response to be eligible for scoring.

To amend your corporate response, follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to your dashboard and expand the questionnaire block by clicking on the arrow next to the questionnaire to be changed: 


2. In the expanded view, you will see the option to Amend Submission as pictured below:

After clicking the Amend Submission option, you should see a red banner appear at the top of the screen letting you know that you are now able to edit your response:

Refresh the page, and the Enter Questionnaire button will appear once more on your dashboard. 

3. Click on the Enter Questionnaire button, which will take you to the ORS and to the reopened questionnaire.  

4. After making the necessary changes to your response navigate to the submission page and click on the Submit amendments to resubmit your questionnaire. 



To amend your Supply Chain module only, follow the same steps as above except clicking on Amend Supply Chain module button instead. This will allow you to re-enter your questionnaire response and to edit the supply chain module questions only.

From July 24th, 2023, you will only be able to complete re-open the Supply Chain module. This will be available to users until September 25, 48 hours before ORS closure. Please note, changes to your supply chain module will not be considered for scoring and therefore will not affect your score. Your organization’s Main User must re-submit the response before 27 September 2023 for the supply chain module data to be made available to your requesting customers.

Amend your response after the scoring deadline  

Once the scoring deadline has passed, users will no longer be able to re-open their response from their dashboard and any amendments submitted will not be considered for scoring. However, CDP allows organizations to request amendments for the purpose of correcting errors made in their submission for the current disclosure cycle. For more information on our amendments policy and to submit an amendment request via CDP, please read the following CDP amendment policy in full. 
Amendments can be made to a submitted Climate Change, Forests or Water Security response and must be requested by November 17, 2023. Any amendment requests received after this date cannot be processed. 
To submit and amendment, complete CDP’s Corporate Amendment Request Form and contact our support team via My Support in the Help Center, attaching the form to the case (category: ‘Questionnaire response’, Sub-category: ‘Amend my response’). 
CDP will only process an amendment request if it is submitted by the Main User of the responding company. If the Main User is no longer at the company, please contact us via My Support in the Help Center. 

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