Resources to support you with what is requested in the corporate questionnaires are available from the guidance for companies section of the CDP website. This includes:

  • Questionnaire previews – with an option to view sector specific questions, questions for suppliers, and questions relating to membership of specific initiatives, such as the RE100 initiative and the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.
  • Reporting guidance – shows pathways through each module and is useful for understanding what information each question is requesting and why.
  • Questionnaire changes – lists annual changes to the questionnaires and provides a list of all questions module by module.  
  • Technical materials – provides additional support on topics relevant to the current reporting year. For example:  

 The following technical materials are accessible after signing in to the CDP website:

 Climate change

  1. Science based targets
  2. Scenario analysis
  3. Carbon pricing
  4. Special conditions for reporting Scope 1 emissions
  5. Accounting of Scope 2 emissions
  6. Guidance methodology for estimation of Scope 3 category 11 emissions for coal mining companies
  7. Guidance methodology for estimation of Scope 3 category 11 emissions for oil and gas companies
  8. Relevance of Scope 3 Categories by Sector
  9. Guidance for companies with coal reserves
  10. Measuring emissions intensity of transport movements
  11. Countries and regions
  12. Fuel definitions
  13. Biofuels
  14. Conversion of fuel data to MWh
  15. Units of measure conversions
  16. “Retirement” and “Cancellation” of instruments
  17. Restatements
  18. Reporting on climate transition plans
  19. TCFD
  20. Portfolio Impact Metrics (FS only)
  21. Financial Services Transition Plans and Net Zero Commitments 
  22. EU Taxonomy 


23Implementing commitments on deforestation and ecosystem conversion

 Water security

24CDP’s approach to water accounting

25Linking GRI and CDP 2018 - Water security

26Plastics disclosure


For NZAM signatories:

272023 NZAM Step-by-Step Guidewalking NZAM signatories through the NZAM aligned questions in the CDP FS CC questionnaire.

28. 2023 NZAM Reporting FAQanswers to frequent questions about CDP disclosure. 

For RE100 members:

29. Reporting guidance

You may also find the following articles helpful:

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