In 2024, CDP will launch a new disclosure framework on a new technology platform. These changes will deliver a significant improvement in how organizations disclose through CDP and how this disclosure helps to drive climate action. 

To enable us to fully transform our systems and enable users to prepare for the new disclosure environment, we are making key changes in Disclosure Timelines, Disclosure Framework, and Disclosure Technology.

New Disclosure Timeline

The timing of the 2024 disclosure cycle will change compared to previous timeline:

  • The new platform will be available in April 2024
  • The response window for corporates to submit their disclosure will be from early June 2024 to September 2024

Please check the timeline webpage for updates on the 2024 disclosure timeline.

New Disclosure Framework

Our questionnaires will be more efficient, user-friendly, and less complex. The new disclosure framework will enable you to more easily meet the demands ahead, as the global economy enters a new era of mandatory disclosure

  • The questionnaire will be integrated across all existing themes, reducing duplication for those requested to respond to climate, forests and water.
  • You will still receive a separate score for climate, forests and water.
  • We are reducing complexity and restructuring the questionnaire, so it reduces the time it takes to disclose.
  • The questionnaire will be ISSB S2 Climate Standard aligned, assisting you to get ahead of mandatory disclosure and providing benefits beyond those required by local regulation.
  • We are also introducing a dedicated SME questionnaire, aligned to how small and medium enterprises impact our planet.

New Disclosure Technology

CDP is building a modern, fit-for-purpose, scalable technology platform with an intuitive interface that will enhance user experience.

  • We are introducing a streamlined end-to-end journey, that makes it easier to disclose and access data and disclosure information.
  • The new platform will have improved stability, increased self-service functionalities and enable disclosers to better work collaboratively with their colleagues.
  • The platform will feature new disclosure management functionalities for requesting authorities, allowing them to better track disclosure progress.

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