CDP is a not-for-profit organization and to deliver our services at the necessary global scale we require a small contribution towards our costs from both organizations and investors participating in our system.

This article explains how to pay the disclosure administrative fee for those organizations that are eligible. For more information, please see our article on the corporate administrative fee.  
You can check if the fee applies to your organization when you sign in to the CDP dashboard to disclose. If it does apply, you will automatically be prompted to pay the fee by credit card or to request an invoice when submitting your response(s) through our Online Response System (ORS).
Information For organizations based in Latin America, India and China, please contact your account manager or regional office to request an invoice/Fapiao (for China) to be raised. You can find the details of your account manager or regional office at the bottom of your dashboard when you sign in

How to process your payment
Follow the instructions below to complete your payment to CDP. You will need to have registered and activated your questionnaire to complete the payment.

These instructions apply to Main Users only. Other Users will not see the payment functions. If you need to change the Main User you can do this under the Users section on your dashboard.

Step 1: Sign in to your account
Sign in to your account to access your organization’s dashboard. Once signed in, you should see your organization’s dashboard including the Payments block.

Step 2: Enter payment details
Navigate to the Payments block on your dashboard. If your organization is eligible to pay, you will see the red Enter payment details button. Click on the button.
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Alternatively, you can find the Enter payment details button in the payment block on Your Account page (accessed via the “View Account” option in the menu within your initials icon, or via “this link” in the submission page of your questionnaire).

Step 3: Select your choice of fee
The next page is the Your choice of fee page. This is where you will have the option to select one of the following fees:

  • the requested full cost Standard Contribution rate
  • the Subsidized Contribution rate
  • the Enhanced Contribution rate, which includes a number of additional benefits (all amounts excluding local sales taxes). You can find more information on the three levels here

Clicking Select for any of the three levels of the fee directs you to the Make payment page.

InformationFrom 2022, if you select the subsidized contribution, you will get the following screen pop-up asking you to state the reason for choosing the subsidized contribution. Select the reason and then click on Confirm and continue to payment or Change selection to return the fee options.

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Step 4: Choose your payment method
Once you’ve selected your payment fee, you will be taken to the Make payment page where you will see various details, some of which you can edit (compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk), and some of which will be prepopulated.

On the Make payment page you should:

  1. Review and complete the details as necessary. Note that you can add an additional email address at Billing email so that another person can receive the invoice (you will receive it automatically)
  2. Read the terms & conditions and tick the box
  3. Select to either:
  • Pay by card to make immediate payment by card or;
  • Pay by invoice to request an invoice for payment by other means.


Step 5: Review the final payment details

Clicking either of the Pay by… buttons takes you to the Processing page. The Processing page is a summary of the details you have entered on the Make payment page for you to review. If you wish to edit any of the details, click Edit details to return to the Make payment page. Do not use the browser buttons to navigate during payment.

If you are ready to continue with payment click the Make payment button.

Information Did you know? After completing this process, you can also access your invoice via the payment block on your Account page by clicking the PDF icon. The Paid box will be ticked immediately if you paid by card (if applicable), or later when you pay your invoice.

Step 6: Make your payment 

If you chose to make payment by card

Clicking the Make payment button directs you to a page where you can enter your card details. 

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After clicking Pay Now you will be redirected to your response dashboard where you will see a red banner indicating successful payment. You, plus the contact you added at ‘Billing email’ (if applicable), will receive a confirmation email that will have your paid invoice attached.



If you chose to request an invoice

Clicking the Make payment button submits your request and you will be redirected to your response dashboard.

You will see the following red banner, and the message above (which will also appears for card payments). You, plus the contact you added at ‘Billing email’ (if applicable), will receive a confirmation email that will have your invoice to be paid attached.

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Once you have paid either by card or invoice, in both cases, you will now be able to submit your questionnaire(s).

For more guidance on how to use our platform, please refer to our platform guide for companies.

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If you have not found an answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to be signed in to access this.

If you are a new user, you can register here. Once you are signed in, please return to the Help Center via the link at the top of the page.


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