Please carry out the steps below only if you have been advised to by CDP. 


If you are having issues loading your questionnaire and specifically if you see a blank screen (as in the screenshot below) when you attempt to enter the questionnaire, please try the troubleshooting suggestions outlined below to try to resolve your access issue.

Troubleshooting suggestions

Access issues to the ORS can be caused by a number of factors such as firewalls, ad-blockers, VPNs, proxy whitelists, network protection systems, security filters and so on. Please try the following suggestions to enable your access to the questionnaire in the ORS.

Please ensure you do not break your organisation’s IT policy when carrying out the steps described below. You may consider asking your IT department for special dispensation to carry out these steps.

1. Clear your internet browser cache and cookies as per these instructions for your browser 

2. Use a personal laptop on a personal network (e.g. personal laptop connected to your home wifi)

3. Use the Firefox browser. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers use Chromium technology, which may cause some issues

4. Ensure ad-blockers are turned off in your browser and elsewhere in your operating system

5. Disable/turn-off your work VPN on your computer

6. Whitelist the following domains in your firewall and/or other relevant network protection systems:

  • CDP website: 
  • CDP platform:

Changing the Main User

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, you may need to assign the Main User role to a colleague who can access the ORS. This will help ensure you can submit your response before the deadline. To do this, the current Main User needs to:

1. Sign in to their account

2. Navigate to the Users block on the dashboard

3. Click on Make Main User next to one of the other user names. This will send an email notification to the selected user and will relinquish the previous Main User’s role. The new user may need to be added as a user first by clicking ‘Add user’ in the same section.

4. Check if the new Main User can sign in to their account and can access the ORS. Also check that they can see the Submit button in the ORS. When you are ready to submit, please instruct the new Main User on which sections to complete and guide them through the submission process

Note: If the Main User has left the organization and this needs to be changed, we will need to hear from your organization’s Disclosure Primary Contact or a senior colleague to request this to be changed by us via My Support.

Fault diagnosis instructions

If you have attempted all of troubleshooting suggestions and changed the Main User and this has still not resolved your access issues, we may need to receive a fault diagnosis report to support you further. Follow the steps below to get the diagnosis report.

1. Sign in  to your CDP account as usual → enter the questionnaire in the Online Response System (ORS) that is producing the ‘Page Load Failed’ error message.

2. When the page appears with Page Load Failed, press F12 to access the Console tab (see green highlight below in image below).

Note: on some laptops or special keyboards, F12 is a shared key. Therefore, users may need to first press and hold the fn button (or similar) and then press F12.

3. The data in the Console tab should show that various resources are failing (see pink dotted highlight area). Right click and copy the text similar from the address bar to following: Paste this text into a new email. Take a screenshot similar to that above (i.e. includes the web address, the Page Load Failed error message and the console). Paste this screenshot into the same new email. 

4. Send this email to your IT department and ask them to explain what is blocking access to those resources from within their network. For example, the cause of the blocking could be firewalls, VPNs, proxy whitelists, security filters, etc. Ask your IT department to make it possible to see the required resources you mention in the email

5. Confirm that your IT department has investigated the blocking, found the cause of it and implemented a work-around or permanent fix. Test that you can access the resources from wherever you normally access the questionnaire (e.g. office, working from home, etc)

6. Confirm with CDP (via a new Case in our Help Center, or via an existing case if the issue has already been raised) if your IT department investigated the issue and which of the following applies to you: i, ii or iii:

i) you do not see the Page Load Failed error and can now access the questionnaire as normal (CONNECTION ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL)

ii) you sometimes see the Page Load Failed error depending on where you are accessing the questionnaire from (office, home, etc). (CONNECTION SOMETIMES SUCCESSFUL)

iii) you still see Page Load Failed error every time you try to connect. (CONNECTION FAILS)

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If you have not found an answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to be signed into access this.  

If you are a new user, you can register here. Once you are signed in, please return to the Help Center via the link at the top of the page.  

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