This article is for disclosing cities and outlines the onboarding steps on the new CDP Portal that users will need to take before they can start responding via CDP-ICLEI Track.  

The onboarding steps include selecting a questionnaire pathway and confirming the Submission Lead.

Please note you will not be able to submit your questionnaire yet. You can still begin disclosing either within the Portal or by exporting the questionnaire to Word. We will provide you with an update via email once you are able to submit your questionnaire.

Please note, whilst the onboarding steps are laid out in the following order, they do not need to be completed chronologically.

1: Sign in to CDP’s Portal  
First, sign in to your CDP Portal. You will need to have registered an account and be added to your organization as a Discloser Contributor. For more information, please see our article on access here and user roles articles here.
2: Set up your questionnaire  
To begin the questionnaire set up process, click Set up questionnaire from the top ribbon.

Or from your To do list, lick on the Complete your questionnaire setup link.  
Once complete, the blue onboarding banner will switch to the questionnaire's KPI banner when the questionnaire is submitted. 

3. Pathway selection
The 2024 Cities Questionnaire is divided into three distinct pathways. These three pathways streamline reporting, allowing local jurisdictions to find the most appropriate questionnaire for their local context.

Users will be recommended a pathway during the questionnaire set-up process based upon their response to three jurisdictional attributes.

An increase in the pathways is accompanied by an increase in the number of questions. The pathway selected does not affect meeting the reporting requirements of the projects and initiatives the jurisdiction is participating in, and it does not affect CDP scoring or Global Covenant of Mayors badging.

A high-level breakdown is provided in the table below, and a complete breakdown can be viewed in Appendices D and E of the Cities questionnaire guidance.
PathwayNumber of questions

Pathway Recommendation

  • During the questionnaire activation process, responders will be presented with three questions that inform the recommendation of a pathway. These questions request the responder to select the options that most accurately reflect three attributes: the jurisdiction’s.
    • 1) population;
    • 2) emissions per capita; and
    • 3) human development index (HDI). 

  • The options for both the emissions per capita and HDI are prepopulated based on the country/area/region of the responding jurisdiction. The pre-population is based on national-level data and can be changed should local and/or regional data be available and different to the prepopulated selection, or when the jurisdiction’s total emissions per capita (at least scope 1 and 2 or GPC-aligned BASIC) is different.
  • The responder can then proceed to the questionnaire using the recommended pathway, or they can select either of the other two pathways. ICLEI Network Cities are encouraged to report to Pathway 3.

4. Confirm Submission Lead  
 From June 4th, when you sign in to your account you will be presented with the option to continue either as the Submission Lead or a Contributor for your organization. This step will assign your user permissions for the current disclosure cycle.  

Please note, the Submission Lead role and permissions cannot be assigned - you have to choose to become the Submission Lead and accept the Terms of disclosure at the same time.  

Once you have decided to either continue as a Contributor or to become the Submission Lead, you can begin disclosing for your organization. 
Note: if there is more than one user for an organization, any Contributor can choose to become the Submission Lead at any time.  

5. Confirm your participation  
To confirm your participation, simply select Yes or No under Confirm your participation section. This will inform your Requester(s) of your intentions to disclose during this cycle.  

Once you have completed all any section of the onboarding, you can return to the homepage.  The data you have entered is still saved if you navigate back to the homepage before you complete the questionnaire setup process. 

You can now begin responding to your questionnaire.

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If you have not found an answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to be signed in to access this. 
If you are a new user, you can register here. Once you are signed in, please return to the Help Center via the link at the top of the page. 



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