View your Request list as a Requester

This article is for Requesters and provides guidance on how to view and navigate your Request lists.

Once your Request list has been created, you will be able to view, search and filter the organizations in your list to better understand the disclosure details of the companies you are requesting.


View your Request list

On the Manage organizations page, you can view all your request lists from your previous disclosure cycles. All questionnaire themes are now consolidated into one list for each cycle. Please note, this list won’t be available for Requesters who are requesting for the first time this year.

To view a disclosure cycle list, click on Manage organizations from the navigation pane and then click View to see the organizations on that list:

For each previous list, the information includes:
  • Cycle name: Disclosure cycle name
  • Year: Disclosure cycle year
  • Response rate: Questionnaire response rate (the percentage of organizations that responded to the disclosure request)
  • Period date: Disclosure cycle start and end dates
  • Last edited: Last modified date
  • Status
    • Active: Submitted for responses in current disclosure cycle
    • Pending: Currently being edited for submission
    • Closed: No longer being responded to, or from a previous disclosure cycle

View your list of requested organizations

A Request list shows all organizations you have requested to disclose to CDP in the disclosure cycle.

The list consists of: 

  • Organization name: The name of a company being asked to disclose by a Requester.
  • Requested organization name: The name of a parent/child company being requested to disclose on behalf of a requested organization.
  • Last disclosed: date of last disclosure, N/A if first time disclosing.
  • Country: The country where the requested organization is based
  • Questionnaire sector (before submission)
  • Invited by investors (before submission): Whether this organization was requested by the panel of investors that comprise the CDP Capital Markets Signatories
  • Questionnaire progress (after submission): shows a progress bar with numerical values and colors based on questionnaire completion status, or a green tick if questionnaire is completed.
  • Status (after submission)

The view of the Request list will be different depending on if the list is being viewed before or after submission.

View of Request list before submission: 

View of Request list after submission:

Manage columns

You can change how the columns are displayed and sorted.

To do this, navigate to the column name and click on the vertical ellipsis beside each column name. These options allow you to change the order of the columns and values in your view of the Request list.

Sort columns
You can sort the column values in ascending or descending order, with alphabetical sorting applicable to most columns except for questionnaire progress. Additionally, you can pin columns to either the left or right of the Request list.

Filter columns
The filtering feature allows you to filter your Request list view using specific values within a column from a dropdown menu, choosing an operator and defining the value to filter by. The operators are: contains, equals, starts with, ends with, is empty, is not empty, is any of. There is also an option to add a filter or remove all filters.

Hide columns
The Hide column button allows you to hide columns from the view, and the Manage columns button allows you to hide or show specific columns.

There is also an arrow beside each column name which enables you to sort the values in ascending or descending order.

Search and filter

You can search for organizations and filter by specific fields before and after submitting a Request list. The search fields include:

  • Quick search
  • Last disclosed
  • Country

The search field options will present different filtering options based on whether the list has been submitted or not. Questionnaire sector and Invited by investors search options will only be available before the Request list has been submitted. The Questionnaire progress and Status search options will appear after list submission

To use the search and filter function:


  • Click the Search & filter button and select values from the dropdown menus

To clear the applied filters or start a new search, click the Reset button.

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