In 2024, CDP is launching a new Portal for disclosure, transforming how organizations can request environmental data from their suppliers, portfolios and other stakeholders. The portal has been designed to be more efficient and easier to use for Requesters and Disclosers.
For Requesters like Supply Chain, Private Markets and Banks members, new features include self-serve functions such as Request list creation, discloser management, Collections and data visualizations.
This article outlines the key knowledge articles on our Help Center to support Requesters on CDP’s new Portal.   
Step 1 – Access the Portal – from April 16
To begin, Requesters will need to ensure they have an account and access to the Requester portal,  For guidance on how to navigate the Requester homepage, please see our article here and video here.
Step 2 – Create your Request list – from April 16
Once you have access to the Portal, you can start building your Request list – the list of organizations you are requesting to disclose through CDP.

To create your Request List:

1. For Returning Requesters: Copy a list from the previous year and remove any organizations that you are not requesting this year. See our article here and video here

2. For Returning and New Requesters: Add organizations to your list from the database. See our article here and video here

3. For Returning and New Requesters/Optional Once all organizations have DUNS numbers, you can make bulk edits using a csv file. See our article here and video here

Note: In 2024, each requested organization will need to have a DUNS number in order for the list to be submitted.  For guidance on how to find, select and resolve issues with DUNS numbers in your Request list, see our article here. For more information on how CDP is working with Dun & Bradstreet, please see our FAQs here.

In 2024, there are two ways to ensure CDP has the right contact information for your requested organizations. The first method is a new contact sharing option, in which you provide email addresses in your Request list. The second method is to utilize the Contact Registration Form, which will be available from May 14. Requesters can direct requested organizations to fill out this form to provide contact information directly to CDP.  

For more information on contact sharing with CDP, please see our article here, under the View organization details section.

Step 3 – Submit your Request list – from May 14 to June 3
Once you have completed your Request list, you can submit it. Please see our article here on how to submit your list.
 Once your list is submitted, requested organizations will receive an email request to disclose. Alternatively, if you were not able to share your requested organizations’ contact details, you can ask your requested organizations to complete our Registration form  to join the Portal directly from mid-May.

The deadline to submit your final Request list is June 3 2024.

Step 4 – Update your Request List (post submission)– from June 4 to July 19
You can still remove and/or add organizations on your Request List after submitting the list. Once you have finished making the necessary changes, you can resubmit the Request List.
The deadline to add or remove requests is July 19. When adding a request, if the requested organization has not yet submitted their questionnaire, the request will be automatically added.

Step 5 – Track your Request list – from June 4
Once you have submitted your Request list, you can begin to track it from June 4. You can view disclosure status and progress. For more guidance on how to track your Request list, see our article here (article coming soon).
The scoring deadline for disclosers is September 18. The platform for disclosers will close on October 2.
If you require any further support or guidance, please contact your Account Manager or CDP Support via My Support on our Help Center. You will need to be signed in to access this. 
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