This article is for Supply Chain Requesters only and explains how to track your Request list once a list has been created and submitted. For guidance on how to create and submit your request list as a Supply Chain Requester, please see our article here


After submitting a request list, Requesters can track the progress of their requested organizations' responses, check the intention of the companies asked to answer the questionnaire, monitor the progress of answers to each organization's questionnaire, and review the questionnaire's status. 


On the home page, the top panel shows the list status, organization count, submitted response rate, supplier engagement, discloser cycle year, last submission deadline and deadline to disclose.  


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Once you have submitted your Request list, the status of the list for the current disclosure cycle will change from Pending to Active.  


To view your disclosure cycle list, lick Manage organizations on the left-hand side panel and then click the View button on the active list for this disclosure cycle.  


Once the active list is opened, as a Requester you can see an updated overview of your list status and can track how disclosers are progressing throughout the cycle so allowing you to take relevant actions.  

Additionally, you can see the percentage and number of organizations with a certain status response and other useful tracking information.  

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To view a detailed breakdown of disclosing organizations by response rate, navigate to the Response rate tile of your dashboard. You will see a percentage breakdown by status including No response, Activated, Amended and Submitted.  


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You can see this further visualised if you click on View breakdown on the Response rate tile.

Reference numbers can be added by requesters to disclosing organizations so they can identify them. It can be used for their own reference. The Requester reference must be unique: different organizations cannot share the same reference number. There is a limit of 50 characters for this field. 

To update the reference number, go to the Your reference field of the Organization details tile, click on the edit icon and enter the new value.  

Click Confirm change when completed, and your changes will be saved. 

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Once the organization’s reference has been updated, you will see a pop-up message Requester reference updated. 


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Download a Request list [WIP] 

To download a Request list, click the grey Download button with the red arrow at the top of the Manage organization page 



When the pop-up message appears, click the red Yes, download button. 


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 For Supply Chain Requesters, the downloaded file will contain the following fields: Requested Org Name, Invited Org Name, BIC, DUNS, LEI, Ticker, Industry, Activity Group, Activity Country, Reference Number, Contact Email address, Forest Issue (Y/N), Water Issue (Y/N), Response Status, Previous year response status. 


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