This article is for new and previous Requesters and contains guidance on how to add new organizations to your Request list. We recommend starting with this approach for new Requesters who do not have previous lists to copy.

If you are a returning Requester, we encourage you to copy over your previous year list first and then add any new organizations from the database. You can continue to view and edit your list as required before submitting your list. 



Please note that only Requester Admins have the ability to create a list, please see the article on how to access the portal as a requester here.


How to add a new organization

Navigate to the Manage Organizations in the left navigation panel. For new Requesters, beginning to create their Request list, select Add organizations from database and click Continue

For returning Requesters, you can add new organizations to your copied over list by selecting the first option Use an existing list.

To add a new organization, you will need to search for it by its name and other identifying information using a number of search filters, please see below for more info.

Once you have added organizations to the list, the Add button changes to Added. Review your entire Request list by clicking View list.

Using search filters to add an organization

When adding new organizations, you can search for organizations using different filters, such as Unique Organization ID, Organization name, Country, Industry, and Organization type, by entering appropriate values and clicking Search in the top right corner. The definitions of each filter are outlined below.

Search by organization name

The easiest way to begin your search for an organization is by its name. An exact match is not essential. For example, searching for Corporation will return multiple organizations with Corporation in their name as shown below.

Enter the full name of the organization for the best search results.

Search by country

To search by country, you can either scroll down to select a country from the dropdown list or type the country name in the filter. To see your results, click the Search button. For instance, selecting Canada in Country returns the results below.

Understanding ID type and Organization ID to add an organization

The Portal contains powerful search features to help you identify specific organizations. To find organizations using this filter, you must enter both an ID type and the full organization ID. The search button will be disabled otherwise.

Available ID types are as follows:

  • LEI - The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a reference code - like a bar code - used across markets and jurisdictions to uniquely identify a legally distinct entity that engages in a financial transaction.
  • DUNS number - The Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier assigned to a single business entity.
  • Ticker - A ticker or stock symbol is an abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a stock market. Tickers are arrangements of symbols or characters representing specific assets or securities listed on a stock exchange or traded publicly. A stock symbol may consist of letters, numbers, or a combination of both.
  • BIC -  BIC means Bank Identification Code, or Bank Identifier Code. It is an 8 to 11-character number that is used to identify a specific bank when you make an international transaction.
  • ISIN -  International Securities Identification Numbers, or ISINs, are the unique 12-digit numbers that are recognized by the International Standards Organization as security identifiers for cross-border securities transactions.

Both these fields must be filled for the filtered search for an organization ID to work. The system will return exact matches only. To search without this filter, click Clear all filters” on the top right.

Search by industry

Search for organizations by industry from a dropdown list or type the industry name in the filter. To see your results, click the Search button. For instance, selecting “Manufacturing” in Industry returns the results below.

Search by Organization Type

Requesters can filter organizations by selecting either Company, Cities, States & Regions or Other as the organization type from the dropdown. To search by organizations, authorities will have to select “Organization Type” and then select “Company”. See example below.


Clear all filters

You can clear all filters and start a new search Just click the Clear all filters button in the top right of the page next to the red button Search.

For more guidance on how to find and select an organization with its DUNS number see our article here.


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