This article is for Requesters and covers the first steps to accessing and navigating the Requester homepage on the CDP Portal.


Access the Portal 
First, sign in to your CDP account. If you are a new contact, you can ask your colleague to invite you as a Team member for your organization. Alternatively, you can register an account and request access to your organization via CDP.

If there is an error loading the Portal, please try hard refreshing your browser by holding Ctrl and clicking reload browser (or Ctrl and F5). If needed, contact your IT team to check for any blockers on the network for the Portal's address.

When you sign in to your Requester account for the first time, you will see a Welcome pop-up introducing CDP’s mission and a tutorial of the platform. Once you have watched the introductory video, you can click through to Continue to tutorial.

The tutorial will walk you through your homepage, show a preview of how to create your Request list, how to track your progress and how to view current and historic responses. Click Next to progress through the tutorial until the end.

Once you have viewed or skipped the tutorial, you will land on your Requester homepage. The homepage consists of the navigation panel on the left-hand side, the phase bar at the top and the Create a list for active cycle button. You can also update your organization details from the Show organization details link at the top.
Once you have created a Request list for the current disclosure cycle the homepage will show a KPI bar , requested organization distribution tile, suggested activities, links to webinars, latest guidance, email templates, CDP scores, support contact, links to historical data product reports, and more.  Read more about our tracking and monitoring features in our article here.
Your Requester navigation bar
The navigation bar on the left-hand side of your Requester homepage consists of the following functions:  

Update your organization details
To view and update your organization details, click on the Show organization details from your Requester homepage. You will be able to edit the following details for your organization – the organization logo, website, primary CDP-ACS Industry, Activity, Activity Group and your organization HQ address.
Once you have updated your organization information, click Save changes at the bottom of the screen.  Please note, you will not be able to edit the organization name and Unique ID fields. If these fields need to be updated, please contact CDP for support
For information on contact sharing, please see our article on editing your request list here.

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If you have not found the answer you were looking for, please contact our support team through My Support. You will need to be signed in to access this.  
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