This article is for returning Supply Chain Requesters only and contains guidance on how to create a Request list from a previous list.


From 2024 Supply Chain Requesters can create their own Request lists within the CDP Portal by copying over a list from the previous year. In addition, Requesters can add new organizations from CDP’s database and use the CSV upload function.

Create a Request list

To begin to create your Request list, first sign in to your account. Be sure to select Requester role from the top left dropdown, if not already selected.

Navigate to the left bar of the navigation panel and click on Manage Organizations. Then click Create a list for this cycle (2024), select the first option, and click Continue. Please note that only Requester Admins have the ability to create a list, please see the article on how to access the portal as a requester here.

From this page, you can choose how you want to create your list. To copy a previous list, select Use an existing list button.

Important: We recommend you copy your list from the previous year first by clicking the first option of the page if you are a returning Requester. If you choose another method first, you will need to reset your list in order to copy a previous list.

Copy organizations from a previous list

Once you have selected the option to Copy organizations from a previous list, you will be presented with a list of previous lists you can copy.

Select the list you want to copy and click Copy this list. You can also click View all lists to see all lists available. You may only select one list to copy over.


Important: If you have requested companies on multiple environmental issues (or themes) in the past, we encourage you to copy over the largest list of companies.

You will have the ability to download the list and make bulk edits to the environmental issues you will request, before uploading the list into the system. See the article on creating a list from CSV.

Once a previous list is selected, all organizations from that list are automatically copied over and they will appear in your Request list page. If you have missing DUNS in your list, you will see the warning message at the top of the message informing how many are missing and how to find them.

From your Request list page, you can remove or add new organizations to the list, edit the list, upload a list or submit the Request list once it is ready.

For guidance on how to add organizations, see our article on how to edit a list here

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