This article is for requesting organizations and provides guidance on how to edit a Request list.

Once you have created a Request list, you can make changes to the list before and after submission. In this article, we explain how to make changes to a Request list before you submit it.


View a Request list for the current disclosure cycle

You can access Request lists in two different ways - from Manage organizations and Engage organizations in the navigation bar of your authority Portal.

First, click on Manage organizations. This shows all Request lists from all previous disclosure cycles. Lists from previous years are shown as Closed. If the current list has not yet been submitted, its status will be Pending.

To access a Request list from Manage organizations, click Manage organizations and then click View to see the Request list displayed as a table.

After the list has been submitted, you will also be able to view your list from Engage organizations section of the navigation.

View organization details

You can see more information about organizations in your Request list by clicking the three dots in the right corner of a row and clicking View details.

The Organization details window consists of five tiles:
  • General information: this tile contains a contact email address, the name of the organization, country of headquarters, market capitalization and the parent company (if applicable)
  • Issues: you can select additional issues for the disclosing organization to complete. 
  • 2024 data: this shows the percentage of the questionnaire completed by the disclosing organization
  • Identifiers: this shows the CDP organization number and DUNS number of the organization. If applicable, it also shows an ISIN, Ticker, Lei and BIC identifier number.
  • Your reference field: this tile consists of your Requester reference, organization type, the CDP-ACS Activity Group, CDP-ACS Activity and CDP-ACS Industry.

The General Information tile will allow you to add and edit the contact email address of a disclosing organization in your Request list.

To do this,  you will need to confirm that by providing the contact details for your requested organizations, you have gathered this information in a manner that is compliant with relevant data protection regulations. This can be done by confirming GDPR compliance in the Organization details page.


GDPR compliance can be confirmed by clicking Show Organization Details on the discloser General Information tile or by clicking Show Organization Details at the top of the page on the home screen.


Once the GDPR compliance has been confirmed, you will be able to make bulk edits to discloser contact details on your Request list using a CSV file. For more information on this, please see our article on uploading a CSV file here. 

If you do not have consent to share your disclosing organizations contact details, they can add their own contact details by using the Contact Registration Form, found here.

Add an organization to a Request list

For information on how to add organizations to a Request list, please refer to these articles

Add an Organization from CDP database, Create Request list from a previous cycle list


Remove an organization from a Request list

You can also remove organizations from a Request list. Tick the checkbox next to the organizations you want to remove (or tick the checkbox at the column heading level to select all) and then click Remove from list.

 If you are happy with your selection, confirm you want to remove organizations by clicking Yes, remove.

 For more information editing your list using a bulk upload, please see our article on uploading a CSV file here.

 You may find the following articles helpful:

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