This article is for corporate Disclosers and outlines the different types of Requesters that ask companies to disclose through CDP. More information for companies on the benefits of disclosure can be found here and on disclosure changes in 2024 here 

Who is requesting my environmental data via CDP? 

CDP collects environmental data from the world’s largest organizations on behalf of over 700 institutional capital markets signatories with a combined US$142 trillion in assets, and 330+ major purchasers with over US$6.4 trillion in procurement spend. The environmental data disclosed to CDP is used by these stakeholders to inform decisions and drive environmental action. 
Companiesmay receive one or more requests to provide information from: 
  • Capital Market signatories  
  • Their customers  
  • Their Banks  
  • Private market investor members  
  • Initiatives they have committed to, including RE100 & the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative (NZAM)
The full list of companies requested by investors can be found here. During the 2024 cycle you can also view which stakeholders are requesting you to disclose through the CDP Portal. 
To read more about the stakeholders who requestcompany disclosure, how they use data, or for more information on how to become a requesting stakeholder, read ourCapital Markets and Supply Chainpages. 
What information am I being asked to disclose? 
CDP’s questionnaires evolve annually to drive corporate ambition further, and support companies and financial markets to transition in line with a 1.5°C, deforestation-free, water-secure world.  
In 2024, the CDP corporate questionnaires on climate change, forests, and water security have been integrated into one corporate questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, organizations can provide data on multiple environmental issues in a single disclosure, encouraging more holistic and balanced reporting. The CDP full corporate questionnaire follows the latest science, aligns with new high-quality disclosure frameworks and standards, and includes incremental changes to the datapoints from CDP’s previous climate change, forests, and water security questionnaires. More information on the CDP questionnaire can be found on our Guidance for Companies webpage. 
The questionnaires are the same for companies responding to requests from all Requesters, allowing companies to provide data to multiple data users at the same time. Companies in high-impact sectors, in addition to the general questions, will be presented with questions specific to that sector. The allocation of sector-specific questions to companies are determined by CDP's Activity Classification System (CDP-ACS).
This system categorizes organizations by focusing on the activities from which they derive revenue and associating these with potential effects on their organization regarding climate change, deforestation, and water security.  Note that companies will only be scored on their primary questionnaire sector. This means that if more than one set of sector questions applies to a company, not all questions will be scored. Sector-specific questions are labelled to indicate which sector(s) they apply to. However, we strongly encourage companies to respond to all questions that apply to them.
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