This article is for disclosing companies and outlines the onboarding steps that users will need to take before they can start responding to CDP’s new corporate questionnaire. The onboarding steps include selecting the admin fee (if applicable), confirming the Submission Lead, setting up the questionnaire and confirming participation, where applicable.  
Important: there are a few instances where questions will appear ‘locked’ within the Portal. This means you can’t respond to them yet and cannot submit your questionnaire yet. This is only temporary, and you can still begin disclosing either within the Portal or by exporting the questionnaire to Word. Rest assured we will be updating these questions in due course and will provide you with an update via email once all questions are unlocked.
Please note, whilst the onboarding steps are laid out in the following order, they do not need to be completed chronologically. 
1: Sign in to CDP’s Portal 
First, sign in to your CDP Portal. You will need to have registered an account and be added to your organization as a Discloser Contributor. For more information, please see our article on access here and user roles articles here.
2. Choose fee 
You can initiate the payment journey by clicking Choose fee in the onboarding tile on the homepage. Once you click on it, you will be able to select the fee you wish to pay. More information on our fees can be found here. Select the fee and proceed to the payment steps. You will be able to make the payment by card or invoice. 
Note: You are only able to submit the questionnaire once you have paid the fee.  
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3. Confirm Submission Lead  
Next, you can go on to become the Submission Lead or you can come back to it by clicking on Confirm Lead in the blue bar. This step will assign your user permissions for the current disclosure cycle. To become the Submission Lead means that you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions and will be able to submit the final response to the questionnaire for your organization.  

Please note, only the Submission Lead will be able to submit the final set up of the questionnaire. Therefore, this step needs to be completed before the questionnaire response can be started.

Please note, the Submission Lead role and permissions cannot be assigned to other users - you have to choose to become the Submission Lead yourself and accept the Terms of disclosure at the same time.
To become the Submission Lead, click on Review Permissions. If you wish to remain as a Discloser Contributor, click on Continue as a Contributor.
If you click on Review Permissions, this will open the Team Members page. Click on the drop-down menu and select Discloser Submission Lead and click Save Updates.

Note: if there is more than one user for an organization, any Contributor can choose to become the Submission Lead at any time.
Once you have decided to become the Submission Lead, you can begin disclosing for your organization after completing the Questionnaire Set up in step 5.
4. Confirm your participation  
To confirm your participation, simply select Yes or No under Confirm your participation section. This will inform your Requester(s) of your intentions to disclose during this cycle.  
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5: Set up your questionnaire 
To begin the questionnaire set up process, click Set up questionnaire from the top ribbon  
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Or from your To do list click on the Complete your questionnaire setup link. 
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Proceed to set up your questionnaire, which will include questions about your company’s annual revenue, CDP-ACS classification and assessment of environmental issues. More detailed guidance on this can be found here.
Once complete, the blue onboarding banner will switch to the questionnaire KPI banner. This will allow you to track your questionnaire completion progress as you work on it.
The overview page provides a summary of the steps involved in the questionnaire setup process. You'll be presented with a series of questions which vary depending on your answers. 
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At the end of the questionnaire setup process, your answers need to be submitted. Please note, contributors can go through the set-up process, but only the Submission Lead may submit the response. Therefore, in order to complete the questionnaire set up and to begin disclosing via the questionnaire in the Portal, one user from your organization will need to complete step 3 of confirming the Submission Lead.  
Once you have completed the questionnaire setup, you can return to the homepage.  The data you have entered is still saved if you navigate back to the homepage before you complete the questionnaire setup process. 
You can now begin responding to your questionnaire.  
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