CDP offers all participating cities tools and detailed feedback on their score to support their climate and environmental planning towards resilience and net-zero. Cities are expected to provide a reasonably complete response overall in order to be scored accurately.

Based on the information cities provide in their response, CDP assigns the city a score within one of four scoring bands: Disclosure – cities starting out in climate disclosure, Awareness – cities with an understanding of climate impacts, Management – cities taking climate action, and Leadership – cities demonstrating strategic best practice. 

Cities responding to the questionnaire by the end of July 2023 (exact date to be announced shortly) will receive a CDP score. Please note that scores are private to cities, CDP will however publicly recognize the highest scoring cities (the A-list).

CDP scores responses submitted in all languages, and the language of the submission does not impact a jurisdiction’s score.

For more information, please view the 2023 cities scoring methodology (link to be added soon).

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