What is the CDP Activity Classification System (CDP-ACS) and how to select the correct ACS? 

CDP’s Activity Classification System (CDP-ACS) was developed to allocate sector-specific questions to companies from 2018. CDP-ACS is a three-tiered system comprised of (from bottom-up) Activity, Activity Group and Industry. See the full list of CDP-ACS.

The CDP-ACS framework categorizes companies by focusing on the activities from which they derive revenue and associating these with the impacts across a company’s value chain from climate change, water security and deforestation. 

When companies activate the Private Markets questionnaire, they must select the CDP-ACS activity sector and group where they earn at least 50% of its revenue in.  

How is the CDP Activity Classification System (CDP-ACS) used in the Private Market pilot?

The Private Markets pilot utilizes CDP-ACS for emissions modelling and benchmarking, using over 7,500 private companies that already report their climate water and/or forest impacts through CDP, as private markets investors are interested to understand their portfolio emissions and benchmark companies’ environmental practices against their industry peers. Based on the CDP-ACS, companies’ emissions can be modelled using existing emissions data from the same activity group. For more information about CDP’s emissions modelling methodology for private markets, please visit here.

Additionally, Water Security and Forests modules in the Private Market questionnaire will only be applied to companies in water and/or forests high-impact sectors, based on CDP-ACS, and we encourage companies to respond to all questions that apply to them.

If you have questions about your ACS allocation, please contact us via our Help Center or email

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