Companies requested to submit by investors

  • Companies who are requested to submit a response to investors, and/or NZAM, and/or RE100 will be listed on the CDP website. The full list of companies being requested to respond to investors is available here.
  • Company scores are made publicly available, regardless of whether the response itself is public or non-public. For companies responding to investors for the first time, CDP offers the option to keep this score private for the first year. Please contact your local CDP office to discuss this option.
Please note that if you have been requested to participate and do not submit a response, you will be noted as “Declined to participate” or “No response” and will receive an “F”.

For more information, please see “Will I be penalized for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire? in our FAQs for companies.
  • If your data is being included in another organization’s response, you will be noted as “See Another”, indicating that stakeholders should refer to another organization’s response, and your score will reflect that of the other organization.
Companies requested to submit to their customers and/or their bank
  • Unless a company responds and chooses to make their response public, we will not disclose on our website that a relationship exists between a company and any of our supply chain or Banks members.
  • Company scores will not be made publicly available, regardless of whether the response itself is public or non-public (unless your company scores an A).

How do I view public responses?

You will need to create a user account  and be signed in to the CDP website in order to view public responses via the search and view responses function on our website. If a response has been submitted publicly, the response will be clickable e.g. “Climate Change 2023”.

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